97 3000 5000
97 3000 5000
Success Stories
Certification Courses in Finance
Kaushik Harlikar

Company Name: MERKSPRIYOR PVT. LTD. Sal: 6.5 Lakh p.a.
Achievements: Just in a Span of 3 Years after doing Course at ICATS, from an Accountant he reached the Post of VP Finance in this Multinational Company.

Financial Accounting Courses in Pune
Leena Totale

Company Name: Kohinoor Group of Companies. sal 6.5 Lakh + Incentive
Achievements: 3-4 Yrs gap after marriage. But Skills & Confidence by ICATS + Her devotion made her Head of Finance In just 2.5 Yrs.

Diploma in Accounting and Finance in Pune

Company Name: United Bank of Switzerland
Package: 3,00,000/-
Achievements: BRAVO !!! Tejas gets lift directly from small town to International Job with UBS.

Job Oriented Courses After 12th Commerce

Company Name: United Bank of Switzerland
Package: 3,00,000/-
Achievements: BCom and invested only 7 months with ICATS. Now get the opportunity to work Internationally.

Sagar Torgal

Company Name: ELBA INC INDIA. Sal + Profession = 4.5 lakh +
Achievements: Good Initiative. with Job, he started his Individual Practice in Accounts writing. See how Practical skills are useful in life!

Dhanashree Ghadge

Company Name: ICICI BANK.
Package: 4,00,000 P.A.
Achievements: just 5 Months post ICATS, and she is Deputy Manager at ICICI. Wow! its quick growth, due to best skills of ICATS.


Company Name: United Bank of Switzerland
Package: 3,00,000/-PA
Achievements: 21Yrs Dhiraj now working at international level. CAFM from Nilaya made this possible.

Satish Belgamwar

Company Name: RMK Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
Package: 5,50,000 P.A.
Achievements: With job he is running his own business successfully. and managing both fronts with high efficiency.

Vaishali Bhange

Company Name: L & T
Achievements: In the 1st month awarded "Employee of the month" award in such a big company like L & T Ltd.

Job Oriented Courses After 12th Commerce
Dnyaneshwar Thorat

Company Name: ESBEE Electrotech LLP,: 4,00,000 P.A.
Achievements: He is Non Commerce graduate but after CAM course now working in such a big Company and running two businesses successfully.

Amol Ekobhago, Narayangaon

Company Name: WIPRO, 1,90,000 P.A
Achievements: As belonging to small village there was less confidence.After CAFM confidence on each front of life so increased & now working with big company like 'WIPRO''

Shaikh Afsar

Company Name: VEERA & RAGHWAN COMAPANY, 1,92,000/-
Achievements: In very small age he is performing so well that got such a good package in the beginning of career.

Pranjal Bari

Achievements: After only two years of experience in job,started his own tax counsultancy at Shirpur,with good numbers of clients in short period.

Ankita Kulkarni, Dhule

Achievements: Ankita is fresher BCom graduate. After CAM course she placed at TCS, a very big MNC, WOW What an Achievement!!!!!!!!

Pradip Shinde

Package: 3,60,000 P.A.
Achievements: He is from Arts background. But after I-CATS, now he is performing fantasticaly.

Job Oriented Courses After 12th Commerce
Prakash Belikar, Daund

Company Name: AFOUR TECHNOLOGIES, 4,50,003/-
Achievements: He is just 21, last CTC was 2,50,000/-P.A now in a yr get promotion & now salary is 4.5Lacs.He is from very small town,but now in Pune performing so well......

Swapnil Sangole, Amaravati

Company Name: MTDC
Achievements: His confidence is boosted by joining this course. Appreciated by company due to strong confidence in Service tax & Income tax.

Fahad Kacchi

Company Name: Bramha CPO Ltd,
Package: 4,00,000 + Monthly Incentive
Achievements: After completion of this course in very first interview he got selected in Kolte Patil ltd. and his growth chart increasing day by day.

Gaurav Dhariya, Khed

Company Name: VODAFONE 3,00,000/-PA
Achievements: Working with Vodafone.Took admission for his sister also & she is also performing nicely. Recently she got promotions also.