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Imagine an organization with common accountants performing all the tasks within finance department on a daily basis together with reporting to higher authorities at the same time? That is not at all possible for them because they possess a different skill set than a person who is responsible and capable of performing these tasks – A Finance Manager.

Finance Management is basically management of money and resources of an organization that would accomplish the major objectives of the organization in near future. So being a finance manager is considered to be the key position in which the development of the company lies. The role of a finance manager is more than reviewing accounts and monitoring accounts.

Let’s have a look at some important roles of a Finance Manager:

1. Estimating the Capital Required

A finance manager has many roles to play. The most important of all is estimating the amount of capital required and the structure of the capital. The power of modernization and expansion of the business is vested in the hands of a finance manager. This tells that how important is to be a finance manager. The near future as well the long term sustenance of the future is decided by the finance manager.

2. Choice of Sources of Funds and its Procurement

First, the finance manager has to choose ways to increase the funds. Whether the funds should be raised by equity or public deposits? All this is decided by the finance manager. After deciding the way to raise the funds the next step to procure the same. Doing negotiations with the creditors or dealing with the government policies related to the procurement. This entire job is done by the finance manager.

3. Management of Cash

India is the largest cash-based economy. Forecasting the inflow and outflow of cash is a very important task that a finance manager has to perform. This determines the future of the organization and the credits earned by it. Meeting day to day expenses and running an entire business within stipulated budget are the responsibilities of a finance manager.

* How Nilaya ICATS Institute helps you when it comes to finance management

Now that you have a clear idea what a finance manager does, you may have understood the importance of the position of a finance manager in any organization. The position requires someone with strong heart and invaluable practical training to handle the fate of an organization. This is where Nilaya ICATS Institute Of Commerce helps you. Concept building and visualizing the ideas is very important in this field. All this needs someone with an expertise who has experience as well as knowledge regarding everything related to finance management.

 *Expertise in providing Practical Training

 Practical Training is something which matters a lot in the job of a finance manager. Visualization of the concepts learned and getting used to each and every tactics will lead you to be the best finance manager. All this requires a practical training which excels in every field. At Nilaya ICATS the professional approach to practical training will definitely help you to succeed in your job very well.

*Job Opportunities in Finance Industry

 Getting a good job in terms of money and position in the Finance Industry is somehow a great deal. Nilaya ICATS guarantees you a job in this industry. But first you have to be an active student at the institute and show your interest in the field. The faculty at the Nilaya ICATS is the best and has invaluable experience in this field. They teach you soft skills and tactics which will be very effective in the real market. They help you understand the scenario of the financial market and suggest you many ways in which you could benefit your organization.So, what if you get the best training and vision in an institute which has placed a number of students in various reputed organizations across India at a same time? Visit Nilaya ICATS today for more details.

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